About Ads

There are some notes you should know about ads on the site.

First of all, we can’t continue doing what we do, without using ads. Ads are what keep this site running (free). So, we know it’s annoying but we don’t have any other way to go. We try to upload the files on free/downloader-friendly file hosters, so at least you get the files fast and easy. without paying or have to wait long for a file.

But also you should know:

  • We don’t know what ad is being shown to you.
    That’s true. we have no control over ads. we just use some script from an ad-network and they show you whatever they want. So, if it’s a good ad or not, that’s not on us.
    We change the ad-network from time to time, trying to find what’s best for the downloaders.
  • We never ever link to any software/program/executables.
    There’s no exe,dll,APK or any other executable files on our site. if you have downloaded one, DO NOT OPEN IT. Also, you should always use a good and updated antivirus on your PC or smartphone.
  • The ads don’t pay as high as you think.
    That’s also true. Some users might wonder why we use popups and also linkshrink and so. You should know all of them together pay very little money. We never look for any revenue from this site. As long as it covers its expenses, it’s OK. Believe me, I still sometimes put money from my own pocket for this site to continue running.

We work really hard to bring you your favorite movies and tv shows. So, we hope you make peace with the ads. We’re not the only ones who uses them.

Team Moviessquad

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